Industrial Automation


نمرات درس اتوماسیون ترم پاییز 1395

New Items for students are in HERE. (موارد جدید برای دانشجویان در این صفحه قرار دارد.)

نمرات برگه پایان ترم دانشجویان درس اتوماسیون صنعتی ترم پاییز 1394

In this course students will introduce to what automation is and what today industrial automation means. Students will learn:

1- Automation process how it is and how to design it.

2- What PLC is and learning the programing languages.

3- Learning LOGO and its software.

4- Learning Step7 and symatic manager.

5- Learning about industrial instruments.

6- LABVIEW software and its abilities.

7- Industrial Networks.

8- Automation Studio and automation process simulation.

Files to download:

1- Power point for learning Siemens LOGO and LOGO soft

D1(internet)       D2(university server)

A useful example for Automation with PLC: Download

2- A part of Dr. Taghi_rad automation book for learning Pneumatic

D1(internet)       D2(university server)

3- Power point for learning PLC Siemens step 5

D1(internet)       D2(university server)

4- FESTO Fluidsim software:

software version 3.6 :

D1(internet)       D2(university server)

Some exercises for Fluidsim and Logosoft: Download

Software version 4.2 : (please download both files and then extract them. the file is self-extractor.)

first file                              second file

User guide for Fuildsim Pneumatic:

D1(internet)       D2(university server)

5- Ebook for learning electrical plan drawing

Kargah Bargh book    part1     part2

6- نرم افزار لوگو ساف ورژن 7.0.30

توجه : فایل فشرده به صورت سلف اسکترکتور می باشد. لذا حتما ابتدا همه فایلها را دانلود نموده و سپس فایل را اسکترکت نمایید.

نسخه پرتابل (بدون نیاز به نصب)             قسمت اول            قسمت دوم

نسخه 64 بیتی نصبی                       قسمت اول                  قسمت دوم


Important NOTE: Students for learning PLC usage and exmin PLC programming need examples. There are various examples in Automation Laboratory page for PLC programming with LOGO. Automation students must download and try examples by them selves, these examples are sort of final exam questions.

Mechatronics students that have Automation course must also take Automation LAB course. For Automation LAB course detail and helpful links Automation Laboratory page.


Some Other useful link:

Symbols of Hydraulic

Control Circuit (Madarfarman) Notebook

An Old PLC learning book

Another PLC learning book




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