Industrial Automation Laboratory


In this Laboratory we have several automation stages designed for students to simulate the automation process with PLCs. In our LAB we have got three Siemens LOGO, two Siemens Step 7 – 200 and one Step 7 – 300. Also we have Data Acquisition Board for working with LABVIEW and other softwares.


1- Students must try to understand the processes in this LAB and try to write a true understanding from the process. For this you should search in the automation process books, on the internet and mix your abilities and skills from Instrumentation course.

2- Students in this LAB will first run the automation processes with LOGOs. There is seven processes in this LAB and each group must work at least on three processes.

3- Student must simulate at least two processes with S7 PLC.

4- One industrial automation process must be designed and simulation in LABVIEW by each group.

Here is some references for students:

                       1- Introduction to PLC (Persian)

                      2- Automation and process control (Persian – This will help you to learn about Pneumatic automation and PLC programming languages, also you learn how to develop a control process for an automation system.)

                     3- Learning PLC with Examples (For being introduced with Automation LAB simulation stages this will help you!!)

                        4- Siemens Industrial Sensor (Helps you to know industrial sensors, how they work.)