Mechatronics Eng. Department, Computer
and Electrical Engineering     Faculty
Hakim Sabzevari University
Sabzevar, Iran
M.Sc of Mechatronics Engineering
From Amirkabir University of Technology
B.Sc of Robotics Engineering
From Sharood University of Technology
I have done several projects in
Mechatronics and Robotics. There are
several projects being developed, now.
Some of my Developing projects:
1- Designing and Building a painter x-y Cable Robot
2- Designing and Building a pick and place x-y-z Cable Robot
3- Building direct sun light for Solar Steam Power Plant
4- Designing and Building a twosome Electrical Car
5- Building an Stair climbing Wheelchair
Some of Previous projects:
1- Developing an Infrared Smart Board, September 2012
2- Designing and Building a Time Attendance Fingerprint and RFID Motherboard,
April 2012
3- Determining some defects on the leaves, January 2012
4- Determining scratches of color on metal colored surfaces, September 2011
5- Measuring the degree of cleanliness of cold-rolled steel sheets, June 2010
6- Designing and Building a new high frequency circuit for EDM machine, February
7- Designing and Building Interface Circuit for Communication between PLC and Microcontroller,
March 2010
8- Building Monitoring System throw Modem, August 2009
9- Designing and Building the Education Product line for Educating Microcontroller, PLC and
Automation, November 2009
10- Designing and Building the Navigator Robot with System Engineering Methods, March 2009
11- Designing and Building a New Engineering Motorcycle Side Blinker, November 2009
12- Designer and Builder of Irrigation PLC, November 2007
13- Designing a 6 DOF Manipulator with RRR hand, May 2007
-Designed RRR body mechanism as PUMA modeling
-Designed RRR Robot hand
-Designed all hand Gearbox
-Redesigned all Robot ready for manufacturing
14- Building a 3 DOF Scara Robot, 2006
15- Building Line follower and Fire Fighter robot, 2005

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