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Dr. Hamid Eskandari-Naddaf (Director)

Associate Professor of Concrete Technology and Construction Management, Hakim Sabzevari University, Sabzevar, Iran.

He has done his B. Tech, M Tech in Iran and obtained his doctorate from Indian Institute of Science (IISC) in 2009 in the area of fracture mechanics, advanced concrete technology and acoustic emission.

His research interests involve various interdisciplinary subjects and broadly encircles Advance Concrete Technology, Construction Management, Advanced Fracture Mechanics, Acoustic Emission, Ferrocement Technology, Digital Image Correlation (DIC), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Corrosion of Reinforced Concrete, Prediction of Cement Mortar Characteristics, etc.

He is a member of ACI committee of fracture mechanics of concrete


Amir Pakzad (MSc Student, 2012-2015, Graduated)

Dissertation: Linear and Nonlinear Modeling of Compressive Strength Prediction of SCC

CV: Amir Pakzad


Amin Ziaei Nia (MSc Student, 2012-2015, Graduated)

Dissertation: Effect of air bubbles on optimization, freeze and thawing and finite element modeling of concrete curbs

CV: Amin Ziaei Nia


Ali Ziaei Nia (MSc Student, 2012-2015, Graduated)

Dissertation: High Performance Concrete, Dynamic Optimization and Corrosion

CV: Ali Ziaei Nia


Ramin Kazemi (MSc Student, 2014-2017, Graduated)

Dissertation: Experimental investigation and prediction of mechanical properties of cement mortar using ANN

CV: Ramin Kazemi

Amirhossein Madadi (MSc Student, 2014-2017, Graduated)

Dissertation: Experimental study and modeling analysis of ferrocement roof elements

CV: Amirhossein Madadi

Tahereh Korouzhdeh (MSc Student, 2014-2017, Graduated)

Dissertation: Cost optimization of composite beams using meta-heuristic search algorithms

CV: Tahereh Korozhdeh

Mohammad Azimi-Pour (MSc Student, 2015-2018, Graduated)

Dissertation: Experimental evaluation and prediction of influence of Micro and Nano particles on the properties of ferrocement mortar

CV: Mohammad Azimi-Pour

Anis Ghanei (MSc Student, 2015-2018, Graduated)

Dissertation: Optimization of corrosion of reinforced concrete containing air entraining and micro silica using statistical methods

CV: Anis Ghanei


Sahar Mahdinia (MSc Student, 2015-2018, Graduated)

Dissertation: Prediction and evaluation  of cement mortar mechanical  properties by using Support Vector Machine (SVM)

CV: Sahar Mahdinia

Mohammad Ghaemi Fard  (MSc Student, 2015-2018, Graduated)

Dissertation: Mechanical properties of cement mortar prediction for various cement types using genetic algorithm

 CV: Mohammad Ghaemi Fard

Seyyed Ali Emamian  (MSc Student, 2016-2019)

Dissertation: Prediction of the compressive and flexural strengths of cement mortar containing micro and nano silica by artificial neural networks and genetic algorithm

CV: S. A. Emamian

Seyyed Hamid Kalali  (MSc Student, 2016-2019)

Dissertation: Investigation of compressive and Flexural behaviors of cement mortar by Finite Element Analysis

 CV: Hamid Kalali

Milad Aram (MSc Student, 2014-2017, Graduated)

Dissertation: Investigation of Forta fiber contained concrete using finite element and DIC

Ehsan Aghasizadeh  (MSc Student, 2016-2019)

Dissertation: Predicting the compressive and flexural strengths of cement mortar by genetic algorithm program


Milad Divandar (MSc Student, 2016-2019)

Dissertation: Mechanical properties of cement mortar prediction for various cement types using Taguchi method

Mahdi Movahed (BSc Student)

Project: Corrosion of reinforced concrete using Taguchi Method

Amirhossein Kargari (BSc Student)

Project: Compressive and flexural modeling of cement mortar by Abram’s law.

Atiyeh Naddafi (BSc Student)

Project: Engineering Economy

Amirmohammad Khalvati (BSc Student)

Project: Evaluation of cement mortar containing Nano and Micro Silica using Response Surface Method.

CV: Amirmohammad Khalvati


Ali Bashtani (BSc Student)

Project: Optimization of compressive strength using Taguchi method and Factorial design, submitted.

CV: Ali Bashtani


Fatemeh Zahiri (BSc Student)

Project: Mixture method in pull-out strength of reinforced concrete.

CV: Fatemeh Zahiri

Mahsa Zarehparvar (BSc Student)

Project: Optimization of pull-out strength using Taguchi Method.

CV: Mahsa Zarehparvar


Maryam Janat Parast (BSc Student)

Project: Mixture optimization.

CV: Maryam Janat Parast


Vahid Reza Maskani (BSc Student)

Project: Advanced Concrete Technology: Processes

CV: Vahid Reza Maskani

Saeed Amirkhani (BSc Student)

Project: Design of Steel-Concrete Composite Bridges to Eurocodes

CV: Saeed Amirkhani


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