Algebraic Graph Theory


Algebraic Graph Theory

General Information:

Algebraic graph theory is a branch of mathematics in which algebraic methods are applied to problems about graphs. This is in contrast togeometric, combinatoric, or algorithmic approaches. There are three main branches of algebraic graph theory, involving the use of linear algebra, the use of group theory, and the study of graph invariant.

Reading List:

1-Godsil, Chris; Royle, Gordon (2001), Algebraic Graph Theory, Graduate Texts in Mathematics 207, New York: Springer-Verlag.

2-Biggs, Norman (1993), Algebraic Graph Theory (2nd ed.), Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, ISBN 0-521-45897-8

3-Brouwer, Andries; Haemers, Willem H. (2011). "Spectra of Graphs" .

Class Hours:

Sunday, (18-20) Room 248

Monday, (10-12) Room 249


The grading breakdown for this reading course is divided as follows:

20% Oral Presentation

30% Midterm exam

20% Weekly assignments

30% Final exam


Each week, I will assign a set of homework exercises, which will be due the next
meeting. Most of them will be assigned from the textbook.