Previous Research

Selected Papers

۱-      Adab, H., Kanniah, K. D., & Solaimani, K. (2013). Modeling forest fire risk in the northeast of Iran using remote sensing and GIS techniques. Natural Hazards, 65(3), 1723-1743. (Q1).

۲-      Adab, H., Kanniah, K. D., Solaimani, K., & Sallehuddin, R. (2015). Modelling static fire hazard in a semi-arid region using frequency analysis. International Journal of Wildland Fire, 24(6), 763-777. (Q1).

۳-      Adab, H., Devi Kanniah, K., & Beringer, J. (2016). Estimating and Up-Scaling Fuel Moisture and Leaf Dry Matter Content of a Temperate Humid Forest Using Multi Resolution Remote Sensing Data. Remote Sensing, 8(11), 961. (Q1).

۴-      Adab, H. (2017). Landfire hazard assessment in the Caspian Hyrcanian forest ecoregion with the long-term MODIS active fire data. Natural Hazards, 1-19 (Q1).